First Post

I wanted to thank everyone for taking the time to look at my page.   My main goal is to connect to other people in the industry and hopefully help out with any remixes, mixing, or mastering jobs you may have.  

I am a trained Audio Engineer (whatever that means).  Basically,  I can do the following:

1.  Remixing- I love to remix.  There is something about putting my interpretation onto someone else's song that I love.  It is really an honor to have an artist trust me enough to remix their song.

2.  Original Music- I really enjoy making my own tracks and sharing them with the world.  I am influenced by House, Techno, Synth-pop, 80's, 90's, and New Wave.  

3.  Mixing- This is one of my strong suits.  I was trained by Dave Pensado in advanced mixing.  I was really fortunate to receive training from Dave.  He has taught me so much about the mixing process.

4.  Mastering- This is another one of my strong suits.  I am able to make a song sound louder without taking out all of the dynamics, unless that is what you are going for, and then I can do that to.

5. Tracking (not my forte), but I can do it on Analogue and Digital.  The good news is I know many great tracking engineers that can help me out.