First Post testing Video's
Just wanting to trial the Post function, will likely add links to all historical video's here for ease of access before posting upcoming ones privately


First attempt at a recording so obviously a bit rusty chaps, we've never done anything like this before.

Just a quick skirmish on the new to rotation Dianoga map playing the "One Man's Trash" mission. We're both playing new lists we're considering using for the UK Nationals so are a little rusty and neither list is painted yet.

Should be a second video coming shortly with my StormTrooper/ISB list which is painted.

The lists are:

Player 1: Dave (Left Side) - Scum
Elite Nexu x2
HK Assassin Droids x2
Hired Guns

Player 2: Rich (Right Side) - Imperial
Rule By Fear
Zillo Technique
Sorin (Advanced Comms)
Imperial Officer x3
Elite Probe Droid x2
Probe Droid x3

If anyone is interested in seeing the command lists please pop a comment up and I'll post them

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