First post!
Hey there! This the first personal illustration of the month of an original character of mine. You will be able to get the sketch, artsteps, finished picture in high resolution and the psd file according on your plegde level during the first week of next month. Meet Adso! :)

Picture size: 3827 x 5414 px

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$1 or more per month

Thank you very much! Every help is appreciated!

Get access to my patreon-only activity feed where you will be able to see full work in progress, announcements and polls

 ● Access to occasional personal sketches that won't be shown anywhere else anytime soon but here

$3 or more per month
Get all the sketches, linearts and studies that I do during the month in high-resolution

●  Apprentice tier rewards

$5 or more per month
All the character concepts and illustrations that I do during the month in high resolution

PSD files of all my character drawings and Illustrations so you can study them and learn some tricks ;) 


●  Fanart sketch requests when available through voting

● Squire tier rewards

$10 or more per month
Timelapse video of an illustration or character art (at least one a month)  

● Squire and Soldier tier rewards

$15 or more per month
Personal feedback/critique and custom notes on one of your artworks once a month 

● Squire, Soldier and Warrior tier rewards

$30 or more per month
Personal feedback/critique and 30min Overpaint on one of your artworks once a month

● Overpaint timelapse video included

● Squire, Soldier, Warrior and Knight tier rewards

$130 or more per month
Puts you in direct line for a Cell-Shaded commission request:  

*Single character, fullbody

*Simple background

*Only SFW art

*Additional fee is requiered if the character design is too complex

*I start working on the commission after the payment of the current month batch has been succesfully procesed 

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