first post-about me
i`ve been watching the corruption in governments for 30 plus years now,i`ve seen them pass laws that benifit them with money/power & gives them a advantage in a court room over us.Power=Money & Money=Power.i`ve seen some technologies get confiscated by the gov under national security-B.S. like a guy who invented solar panels but that were 20% more efficient than the current ones,what does that have to do with national security?,nothing except the oil & power companies=governments will lose money.a friend early in life worked as a secretary for the military & saw the rubber/tires come in that never wore out  & they were tested by the military-the tires/rubber Disappeared to never be seen.cancer has a cure but is being hidden & it goes on.ufo`s are real i believe,there both ares & other beings from other planets & the governments have back engineered them & keep the technologies from us but they use them.look at the current sitution in the u.s. with the FBI/CIA/DOJ with all the corruption being exposed.they use those agencies against us all & can throw us in prison for no reason if we don`t bow down to them.they have weaponized there agencies to use against us.people starve when theres replicator technologies from out of star trek they have that could let every person have plenty of food & cloths & so on.Free energy devices to power every home-building & car thats being hidden.people being murdered who get in there way or say anything.i`m tired of seeing people suffer because of there greed & evil essence inside them.if We don`t Stand up for all humans,it will get worse,much worse & i am willing to stand up but i need others like me who care & have the back bone to stand up to them.lets start a global Disclosure movenment,help me,join me in the movement for all future.