First Post Ever!
Hello friends!!

I'm Mari, a music producer, writer, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist.  I produce and perform under the name MariGo.  This page is all about music!

I post new music, music videos, and works in progress every month.  As you may know, making music takes a lot of time from the writing, to production, to mixing and mastering.  It takes even more time to promote the music, get it distributed, book live get the picture!   By pledging just $1 per week, you'll help me keep doing what I love most and what I believe is my greatest gift to share with the world!  Just for pledging, you'll get 2 of my tracks right away!

For a few years, I worked full time jobs and left little time for music, thinking that I couldn't possibly make ends meet in today's world of music.  The call was just too strong!  I dearly missed creating and performing so I'm back and better than ever.

As my music career becomes more sustainable, I'll be able to share more and more with you!

Cheers and thanks so much for your support!