First Post ! Hi ~~ I suppose I'll introduce myself...
Hello Patreons ! You can call me teriyakkii (people call me Teriyaki i.r.l.).

I am in my early-ish teenager years, I am a Libra, born in October.

I'm living in Australia after being born in LA, Los Angeles, California and I'm loving everything life has to give me... or throw at me... or shoot at me... because I prefer to find benefits as well as consequences to see all sides of the situation (a very Libra thing to do, am I right??).

My interests ? The thing I would say from the top of my mind is: "I'm looking for my 'big' one". I like to draw from time to time and watch shows in my free time. In my free time also, or when I'm doing something when I can, I might listen to music (because it's good...*) or listen to a podcast which I've started a series earlier today.

*Music is great, my music taste is.. well, open and so kind of can be seen as weird in a way. I got into K-Pop last year, ~3 months before BTS' Love Yourself album came out-- So I'm an ARMY(~) and am loving K-Pop as a whole (the way K-Pop includes their fans so well and interacts with them so, so frequently is probably one of the biggest reasons for me as to why it stands out more than another from of genre. Also the music is really really awesome ^^.

Hmm.. I've also been keeping a diary/journal (since June 30th 2017, last year). I call it a journal and told myself it was only to record my thoughts throughout the day and some stuff that's happening, but the diary-side started to creep in so I call it a 'Jiary'.

My mind in the past... I used to be a deep-thinker (always 'digging deeper', or 'got to find out that hidden meaning... it's still down there somewhere'). But recently after reading 'The Tao of Pooh' by Benjamin Hoff, my mind feels more carefree (not that deep-thinking was bad, let's just say I like to keep moving), and still feels like I can get to similar interpretations and answers like before. I believe I like it this way, but can't wait to see me go through more - with you, and the rest of the world, too !

I hope you stay with me for a little longer, I'll try be active on this within homework and the other things I do - let's live together and try not to regret too much in the future - we're living now, why not live a little harder while you're at it?