First Print Ever
This is the first print I've ever ordered of my art. It's from Super high quality print. The original artwork is 22 x 28 inches. This one is just a little bit smaller than that. 

I know not everyone gets abstract art. But I find it amazing and beautiful and just a joy to look at. My hope is that by making this art I can spread this feeling of joy and wonderment with others. 

I'd like to be able to use this Patreon platform as a way to get my art out there to people that love it. I'd also like to surprise people. So as a Patron you might be one of the lucky people that gets a print like this in the mail without notice.

My purpose in life is about bringing joy to people. Being creative is just the mechanism by which I'm able to spread that joy. And I find creating art to be one of the quickest methods to produce the most impact.

I will leave you with this short quote from an Instagram follower of mine:

                                "Art is Life"