First real exclusive video and new battlemats in the house
Ok fantastic supporters, this weekend (ok, make that monday or tuesday, we film sunday so need time to edit) you'll be treated to the very first exclusive video for Patrons only!

This will be a grudge match between Damon and myself where the loser will have to say either Recce or Recon, whenever the situation comes up, for the 3 next battlereports.

We will build armylists that we would bring to a tournament and we will be playing on one of the new, AWESOME, mats from (I have attached a picture below, expect hedges, stonewalls, buildings and trees to acompany it).

A slight issue though.. There are now 14 people whose pledge allow them to choose a tank/vehicle. We will be having aprox 20 order dice in total but of course nothing near that in regards to vehicles.

If some of you specifically want to command a tank then please add a comment or send a message and we will try to acommodate you. Otherwise we will put you in command as we see fit.

What you CAN do however, is to make a comment or message about which nation you'd like to serve for. If it is not important to you then I'll just go with the Allies/Axis choice for the Pacific battles. If you want to change Commander name that is also fine, we are here to serve you as best we can :)

We will be playing 1000pts late war US (Damon) vs German (Svein), so expect at least one M18 Hellcat from Damon.

See you on the field of battle Gentlemen!