The first release of the Guessing Game is available!

You can log in with your Twitch account, then add "Guessables" by giving them a name and a comma-separated list of "Variations" which allow several different terms to all map to the same item. Then enable the bot from the Dashboard and it will join your Twitch chat.

In your chat you or a moderator can start a guessing game with the "!start" command and finish one with the "!finish" command. With a game started anybody in chat can type "!guess variation" to make a guess of "variation" and any new guess will overwrite and old one. You or a moderator can then proceed to give the answer using the "!answer variation" to mark an item as the answer. This will remove all correct guesses and give those chatters a point, but leave incorrect guesses in memory.

During a Guessing Game a chatter can type "!points" to be told how many points they have in the current game. While a Guessing Game is not active the "!points" command will tell how many total points they have acquired throughout the entire lifetime of the bot in your channel.

I still expect to have quite a few bugs around that will need fixed up, but I'm confident it is in a usable enough state that it won't break horribly. If you do find a bug I'm currently taking bug reports on Discord:

Have fun!

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