Yes, my mutated brothers and sisters, the first release is here!!! A free remake of Van Buren in Fallout 2 engine! Share it, spread it around, play it! 


Google Drive: 

Installer password is summer 2020
(Space between included too.)

If MEGA asks for a decryption key it's TVmsqkQd5ddPbch94fjrwGnDNezcj-CxXj_nsVkGmPg



To play this Post Nuclear RPG you *have* to own a copy of Fallout 2 (c) Bethesda.


1. Extract the game to a folder of your choice

2. Copy fallout2.exe to the base directory (the one with fallouty.cfg)

3. (Optional) Rename fallout2.exe to fallouty.exe

4. (Optional) Reduce screen brightness to 15% and turn on Night Light (if available on your OS). The game was made with a specific art style supported by the original Fallout developers and this is how it's intended to look and feel. It is playable on other types of settings though but might not look as good!

5. (Optional) To pick new Traits, leave one or two slots open during character creation.

6. Use your skills, items and weapons, observe the details, experiment, enjoy!


1. Some critters have "jumpy" animations and lack sounds effects. Both the critter animations and sound effects are time consuming processes so they're not "polished" yet. That will be sorted out in a future release.

2. First release lacks many planned side-quests. Due to a planned release schedule for this update, we wanted to focus on getting a solid, healthy game base done properly and then add extra content on top of that in the later releases.

3. There is no official support for High-Resolution mod and I doubt there will be. We feel the game doesn't look good at high resolution as everything is too small.

4. Only one intro animation is currently done. For the rest, we want to get them right so they will be finished in a future release.

5. I tried to keep this as bug free as possible but maybe something slipped by in the last minute. Don't hesitate to contact PJ Hexer at [email protected] 


Sorry for the slight delay in release that was planned earlier this week but I lost two days trying to save critical source files from an external HD failure (and still have 4TBs to save) and almost an entire day today wrestling with faulty DAT packers in order to reduce & optimize this beast.

Hope I didn't break anything in the last minute but from the looks of it all is good.

I'll be back this Sunday with news on what's next, but until then enjoy!

-PJ & Co

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