First release of Artful Physics Tailor!
I've been working on this code for cloth simulation for over four years now.   It has turned out to be both a lot more fun and a lot harder than I anticipated. There is still SOOOOO much more that I would like to do building on top of this base. And even a lot that is working for me on my machine but just not quite in that "shippable" state yet for sharing with others.

A part of me doesn't want to release this software until it is perfect - or at least less imperfect than it is today.  Fortunately, an even bigger part of me is excited to see what people will do with this first version of the software and to start the process of working with the community to turn it into something great.

If you are interested in discussing this software and technology, but not yet ready to become a patron, you are still invited to join the discussion at  Please use the same email you use on patreon if you sign up on that site.  This will make it much easier to have a smooth transition once you decide the software is good enough that you want to become a patron and get access to the code.