First Release on March 27-28!
This is Dan from Rabid Hamster Workshop and I would like to take a moment to give all of our Patreon supporters a quick update to what is going on with CBL. The hamsters in our workshop have been slaving away a long time to make this happen, so I am pleased to announce that we will be releasing our first CBL character, a cavalier named Gilmere Vandoren, on March 27-28!! We hope that you will be happy with the results of our labor that has been ongoing for some time now to make Characters-By-Level a reality. CBL Project Status All the Pathfinder page layout templates have been completed and the PDF layout for our cavalier character is almost finished. All we have left to do for our first CBL release is update the text for the Tactics section for all of the cavalier’s stat blocks, proofread the PDF to keep mistakes at a minimum, and finish creating our artwork license agreement. We also like to mention that we added a character build summary page to our Pathfinder PDF releases which highlights all the feats as well as important skills and magic items that were used in the creation of each of our characters. We hope that you find this new addition beneficial to your Pathfinder games. CBL for Dresden Files We will start working on the page layout templates for the Dresden Files version of CBL after our first Pathfinder release next week. Once the templates are done, we will convert our Pathfinder cavalier over to our Dresden Files PDF format and make him available to our patrons who received the Pathfinder PDF of him. As we stated before, all patrons who received the Pathfinder PDFs of our characters will also get their Dresden Files conversion PDFs for free. CBL for D&D 5e We still want to convert our CBL characters over to D&D 5e, but Wizards of the Coast still hasn’t released anything official for third-party publishers (3pp) like ourselves to follow. Therefore, we are not sure we can make anything commercially for D&D 5e as of yet. However, if the license is unfavorable to 3pp to create content for D&D 5e, then we still may make something only for our patrons if enough of you still want us to do the D&D 5e conversions of our Pathfinder characters. Thank you for being patient with us and your support! - Dan