First Roll Episode 66 is Here!

The #New First Roll #Podcast Episode 66: Thursday, September 15th is Here! The new #Games on #Kickstarter since Monday.

Also available as Podcast + #Blog Combi at:

Today's Episode features (Amongst Others):
* Stonehaven's Giants (Stonehaven Miniatures​)
* Axe and Brimstone (Ganesha Games​)
* Forest Goblins (Shieldwolf Miniatures​)
* Massive Zeppelin (Crossover Miniatures​)
* Ray Master (Abba Games​)
* The Refuge: A race for survival​
* Super Hack Override (Weird Giraffe Games​)
* Outlawed (Green Couch Games​)
* Sagrada (Floodgate Games​)
* War & pieces​
* Interface Zero​
* Deadlands - Good Intentions (Pinnacle Entertainment Group​)
* Deadlands Classic - 20th Anniversary Edition (Pinnacle Entertainment Group)
* The Devil's Run (Word Forge Games​)
* Chimera Station Deluze (Tasty Minstrel Games​)
* Ember - From the Ashes (District 31​)
* Victoriana​
* Sea Turtle Scurry (This and That Games​)
* PWNs: A Game of Strategic Mayhem​
* Helheim RPG​

Support these Projects and Enjoy the Show!