First Serial Installment of "Broken Rice"!
Silly me for setting deadlines on myself -- a death on my wife's side of the family threw the day into turmoil so the ebook files won't be done until tomorrow or maybe even Sunday.

HOWEVER I did manage to finish editing the first installment before all hell broke loose and create the PDF version. So I mostly kept my Friday deadline. You have a story to read! (Update: ebook files now attached!)

This installment is posted to public view and will be simulpost to Seriously Eclectic at -- but future installments will be patrons only and will not appear on Seriously Eclectic. There, I'll just announce when the next installment is available for preorder.

The next installment will appear in about 3 weeks (if it's early you'll be the first to know!) in PDF, EPUB, and MOBI.

I'll post the ebook files for this one as soon as they're done -- until then, please enjoy the PDF version. :-)