First time all over again!
[This is a repost (with one minor edit) of a blog post I published on my other Patreon page about black and mixed race women. Future posts will be different though and cater specifically for Curvy Shrine only.]

Well, I'm officially on Patreon now! Content creators all over the world are now using this platform to garner support from - and communicate with - their most loyal fans and I think that's a good thing!

Due to the recent events with YouTube's advertiser crisis  it's been quite a ride for us creators to keep our heads above water. Many of us depend on ad revenue from our videos to support our work and with that being in murky waters at the moment we have to look for alternatives.

That being said I'd like to take a moment though to go beyond the financial side of things. See I've always enjoyed doing stuff for other people and for the most part that meant doing so pro bono (i.e. for free). If you look at my YouTube channel Curvy Shrine for example, when I started out I wasn't part of the YouTube Partner program and created videos because I wanted to share my views about womanly curves with the world; money was not on my mind. Throughout the years I've lent my services to a variety of businesses, institutions, organizations and individuals, often on a voluntary and/or unpaid basis.

I'd like to do something similar on Patreon. When you pledge support to me I want to do things for you too! At the moment I have set up some basic rewards (tiers), but I am looking at adding more things to each reward. It's in my nature to want to do things for other people as I realized that when I do so I enrich their lives as well as mine and create a better world for all of us.

I'm also thinking about using Patreon as my blogging platform, to keep everyone up-to-date on the YouTube channel mentioning upcoming videos, events, life updates, etc. Some of these will be public, others will be for patrons only.

I think I'll have a great time here on Patreon and I hope you will go on this journey with me. For me it feels like the first time all over again! :)