The first time ever:
Yes this is the first time ever Marvin is not mowing because, .....  "there is no need for mowing".
As you can see on the picture, everything is properly mowed.
Actually, since I replaced the mow-train early August the only mowing incurred issues I experienced were small issues with the bump detectors.
When the grass was still high Marvin was charged 2 times a day. But the last weeks we went to 1 charge a day.
This because, when the grass was high (30 to 40 cm ) Marvin mowed about 3 hours on a charge. Now he is closer to 6 hours for 1 charge.
2 times 6 hours and a 3 hour charge is 15 hours or longer then I'm awake per day. And that explains why he only runs once a day.

This winter my main focus for Marvin is making Marvin drive on GPS. This will allow Marvin to drive towards the charge station when the batteries needs recharging. It should also help when Marvin starts mowing  the back part of the garden. Yes my garden extends beyond the picture :-) .

But for now, I'll enjoy a well cut lawn.

Best regards