First Time for Pursuing Little Pay-Outs for my Passion
I work hard during the day. Good ole day job frustrations. I know, we all have them. 

But then I am out of that day job, and doing my other job...being a husband and father to my little family. THAT is my greatest love there: wife and kids.

Breathing is another passion. It's good to breathe.

I like to write. I like to create. I have opportunities with a small local small press publisher. I believe in this publisher because we share the same views on writing and getting our work out there. Make a little money? Heck yes. But we also want to tell stories. Good stories. Good stories that are professionally edited. Good stories with good cover art wrapped about them to entice you to CHECK THE BOOK OUT.

While my day job gives us cash for paying for food, clothing, mortgage, car payment, and some entertainment from time to time, the real "passion job"--writing, creating--is another job that I could use some monies to KEEP MOVING FORWARD.

I hope you will join me and share in this passion with me.

Thanks for your time.

Keep moving forward.

Peter Welmerink