First times
Sorry for the delay in stories, here is a new story, first time going full on for the couple, still meant to arouse but not "finish" Also sorry for any mistakes, I am mentally dead and can't think of anything good One story, three posts, may continue it soon

 Walking home holding her hand like a normal couple, we get to the apartment. I grab my keys and unlock the door, holding it open for her. Walking in and closing the door, she begins kissing me before I can even put down the keys. Pulling me to the bedroom, I throw the keys in the general direction of the door and wrap my arms around her waist, and hoist her up. She wraps her legs around me and I carry her to the bedroom. Biting and kissing at her neck she starts moaning into my shoulder. She jerks me away from the hallway and leans towards the couch. Just do it on the couch, I can't wait any longer. Walking closer to the couch I drop her onto it and she takes off her shirt and bra from inside her hoodie. Knowing how shy she is I keep her hoodie on instead slide down her jean shorts and see her cute new lace panties. Are these new? Blishing she looks at me smiling Yeah, I know you said no more new stuff but I know how much you like seeing me in lace. Whispering in her ear You know you can't be the one turning me on, other way around. She whispers back at me Just let me feel like I control you for at least...  She whimpers as I bite at her neck and grab her side with my hand. She pushes me away a bit and looks in my eyes. I think I finally want to fully do it. She starts to look away blushing. Knowing she is not fully sure she wants to I put my hand under her chin and look in her eyes. Are you sure you are ready? She kisses me and looks up at me I want to feel you inside me, I love you. I take her by the back of her hoodie and kiss her, sitting on the couch and pulling her on top of me. She slides my shirt off and to my suprise she removes her hoodie. Revealing her perfectly sized, B cup breats and her soft, tan skin. I have seen her a few times fully naked, but even now it takes me by suprise I love you She whispers to me. I bite at her collarbone up to her neck, I love you too. I feel her smile and I bite down her neck and sooth it by kissing the marks. All while she is lightly moaning for more. she slips off me, pulling off my pants. Knowing that I hate being the sub, she is hesitant. She looks up at me, and I already know what she is asking for. Just this once. She blushes and smiles, knowing I let her take the lead since this is her first time. She slowly rises back up to me, sitting on my lap, grinding through her and my underwear. Growing hard, I lean her toward me and bite from her collarbone to her breats. Lightly moaning, she whimpers as I tease and bite at her nipples. Feeling her balance start to give out as she grows weak to the touch and gives her body to me. So much for being the lead I say, laughing while teasing her nipples. Shu.. Shut up.. She weakly says half moaning. Slipping my hand down to tease her, and one hand around her waist to keep her from squirming. She starts to grind against my hand as I feel her panties starting to get wet from her arousal.  Feeling her body getting hot to my touch, I lean her back a bit and countinue down her soft skinned body. Biting and kissing down her perfect shape, feeling every curve. Listening to her soft moans tells me she is enjoying this and wants me to continue. C-Can I put it in.. She weakly says to me, catching me off guard. Sure, you want to right now? I ask her, making sure she is ready. Y-yes.. She says shyly, starting to blush. She slips off her soaked panties to show her wet, pink pussy. I take off my boxers, she strokes my dick for a second then hovers over me. Stalling, and unsure she looks at me. Here, I take her hand and hold one hand behind her back. She looks me in the eyes, slides slowly onto it, then thrusts herself down. Ahh... She yelps and squeezes my hand. She lets out a breath and starts to slowly rise and falls back onto me again. I lean her toward me a kiss her. I love you.. She opens her eyes and looks at me. I love you too.. She smiles and continues to rise and fall, she grows weak as she whimpers. Want me to take over? I laugh as I see her growning weak. Y-yes please.. I pick her up, still on my dick. Laying her on the couch I fix the angle I am at. I slowly thrust into her as she whimpers. M-make me y-yours..  She whimpers as she looks me in the eyes. I hover over her, kiss her then thrust into her. She starts to claw near my shoulder blade as I thrust deeper and start to go faster. She moans faster and harder as I start to go faster. Feeling her thrust back at me tells me she wants it more. I grab her by the waist with one hand to steady her and place my hand near her shoulder, she grabs me by the wrist to steady herself and with the other, she holds onto my shoulder, clawing at it. We have our heads in eat others necks, feeling each others hot breathing. I bite at her collarbone as I thrust harder into her and she burries her face more into my neck moaning louder. 

I do plan to continue this soon, and actually make an end to one of my stories, hope you all enjoy.