First Two Goals Reached!
Many thanks to all of my patrons!  I'm amazed at the response so far.  Thanks to you, we have smashed through not just one but two progress goals.

I've made this handy map to track our progress.

The first goal is a very important one: your generous support guarantees access to the core software I use in all my mapping each month.  I can't begin to express what a great help this is to me.

For the second goal, I have pledged to produce a video tour of one of my maps, complete with narration.  You may already be familiar with the three videos I have made previously for Calidar; if not, here are the links:

I can either make a video exploring an existing Calidar map in detail, or do a video for one of the new maps I release here.  Which would you prefer?

Finally, I am already working on the first map to be posted here.  I'm hoping to release it within the next few days, if all goes well.

Back to work!