It's been 10 days since I set up this Patreon page, so I wanted to try and list some of the stuff I've worked on since then.
  • Released Askama 0.7 with a lot of new functionality.
  • Started a new repo with Rust template benchmarks. Askama turned out to be substantially faster than Handlebars, Tera or Liquid (the top three template engines by popularity, according to The benchmark repo used standard Rust benchmark support as well, but I soon after moved it to Criterion.
  • Subsequently Laurențiu Nicola added a benchmark to the repository for horrorshow, a macro-based template engine, which is quite a bit faster than Askama still. I had missed horrorshow since it wasn't the template engine category on, so I fixed that.
  • I experimented with using static dispatch in Askama rather than dynamic dispatch, but according to Criterion this was actually slower.
  • I merged the linebreaks and linebreaksbr filters that Aaron Power submitted to the Askama repo.
  • Worked with "mash" on making some of Askama's internals easier to understand. They also showed interest in allowing templates to be put in a different location, so I outlined a design for this.
  • Started work on putting Rust 1.27 in Gentoo. Initially there was no new Cargo version tagged. Now there is, but Cargo now displays the Rust train version number rather than its own. I think this means the time has come to install Cargo from the Rust ebuild rather than being a separate package, so there's some work left to do for this.

There has also been a steady stream of people asking how to use Quinn, or how mature it is. Since I've been feeling bad telling them that it cannot do much that is useful right now, I plan to spend some time improving that next. Many thanks to my first three patrons for their support!