Hey Everyone! First day of the campaign and we already have our first backer! WooHoo! A big thank you goes out to Anthony for being my first ever Patreon Backer! You Rock!!! May this campaign be totally worth your attention, my friend!

Full disclosure, I am not exactly sure what all to put up on this feed, but I have some fun ideas! I plan on updating here a couple times a week with new info and new content.  Process shots, maybe some commentary videos, possibly high rez scans of the pencils, or final inks for people to download to try their hand at inking or coloring. This is will be an exploration for me as I figure out what cool stuff to share. Please drop me a comment if you have any preferences or cool ideas. I want to make this a fun ride!

The image I uploaded is what I will be inking tomorrow. I have already recorded a 5 minute commentary video, which will be the first time I've ever really spoken during one of my videos (apart from my Kickstarter). It's just me chatting about my thoughts during the design process. I honestly hate hearing myself talk, but who doesn't. I will probably get better at it with time and practice, just like in drawing :D

The full time lapse drawing/inking video of this piece will be available on YouTube for the general public sometime next month, HOWEVER I will try and have it up here for BACKERS as early as tomorrow, or by Monday (10/19/2015) at the latest! Trying to give you the best bang for your buck right out the gate!

Here's to a great campaign, people!

Good Night!


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