The first updates in 2016 for
During the 2016 edition of the MSX fair in Nijmegen, I've been working on updating my site, CheatMSX.

Basically there are 2 new things added this time around:


  • A new section called Emulator Cheats, which consists of cheats for the BlueMSX emulator which are now downloadable in .mcf format.
  • Another addition to the site was made possible by Lars the 18th, who created a special modified CheatMSX-version of his Ghostbusters Password Generator, giving you the username CHEATMSX.


Now with 7 sections (Cheats, Maps, FAQS, IPS Patches, Peeks & Pokes, Emulator Cheats and Password Generators),  I got the feeling the site now covers almost all areas of gameplay related information for the MSX.

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