First updates of 2017 on CheatMSX website
 For the last couple of days we have been working on the website CheatMSX, adding updates, fixes and making it fully html5/css3 validated.

The following updates were done:

  • An error with the encoding of urls are fixed, so all downloads are fixed and available again.
  • Meta-tags were renewed for social media.
  • The Online Password Generators section has gotten a make-over: The scripts were reworked, the generators themselves have gotten a visual overhaul and are now listed in searches when available.

Besides these fixes, there was also content and updates added to the the cheats and maps section. First of all 2 new cheats were added for BitVision games released in 2016, contributed by Fernando Garcia (BitVision):

Also Benoît Delvaux aka mars2000you contributed several new maps:

Relevant Link: CheatMSX