First Video Tutorial- Basics of Color
You asked for it, I promised it, and now here it go-- the first monthly tutorial is here for your viewing pleasure :)

Many folks over the last few years have asked me about color, and I've been meaning to make something like this for a long time- and now (for Patrons only) I've taken a first stab at trying to impart some of what I've learned.

I started out afraid of color, not sure how to translate my intense desire to use ~bright and vibrant hues~ through my clumsy, clumsy fingers. For years I worked in black and white, tip-toeing around color but mostly avoiding it an trying to make up for it with LOTS OF DISTRACTING CROSSHATCHING.
If that sounds anything like you, then this is your video!
It took a lot of practice- there's no way around that- but a few key lessons from art school, observing and reading others' posts, and chats with my fellow art-nerds helped me get my head around it. This is an attempt to boil down a few of the basics into some practical tips and terms you should know if you're starting to get serious about painting.

It's a good long hour, so you may want to adjust the speed or skip around if you don't have the time :) That said, if you do have the time and the interest, I'd love to know what you think! I read all the comments here and every bit of feedback will help me to make better tutorials and videos in the future.

Was this helpful? Do you still have burning questions? Are there completely different topics in art and design you'd like to see more videos about?

Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for making this first month on Patreon a rad one :)