The first W3 Radio in almost a year dropping tomorrow.
What's up everyone. Because of your support and interest, I just finished recording the first [of weekly] W3 Radio episode in a long, long time. If you don't know, the premise is that it's news about the World Wide Web in under ten minutes. It includes new impactful library versions, but more often than not headlines from controversial internet-affecting stories (such as DRM in HTML). <br><br>I write most of these out in advance, so unlike Metric the show notes are useful - at least in terms of external links. <br><br>W3 Radio as it is a Patreon exclusive -- although I may make this first episode public, let me know what you think about that -- I am treating like a beta project. That means that it's format may shift and change depending on your feedback. There's a reward tier at some point where I can get separate hosting for W3 Radio and make it public - and in the event of it reaching that tier, I have a new video series I'd like to start piloting. <br><br>There will always be something exclusive for you all ❤️❤️❤️❤️. <br><br>If I haven't said it before, thank you so much for your support. It's flattering, humbling, motivating, and enabling. Don't hesitate to reach out with concerns or questions. I'm at your service.