First week of Patreon and our annual calendar of projects!
Wow! Many thanks for all the positive reception that you all gave to our Patreon campaign! This type of response is like fuel, keeping us on the right track and making projects that you'll like and benefit from! So, to keep ourselves focused and deliver what we promissed here in Patreon, while we work on freelance work, Loud Noises personal projects and maintain a healthy life, we organized an annual calendar (spoiler alert! Some projects are brand new, yay!) Projects: With Patreon: -Big (t)Rip - awesome game -Last Minutes of Battery - weird game -Pack of Quarters - awesome event -(coop)arty - crazy event -unconference - best event ever (HERE COMES A NEW CHALLENGER!) With Loud Noises: -Guns of Babetown - intense babe action shooter game -unnamed space harvest moon-like - unnamed game -endless shooter with glitch art - endless glitchy game -Headblaster - Prepare to Explode More Edition - headblasting game With SPIN: -SPIN every month (duh...) - cozy event -Secret Project - TOP SECRET event Freelance: -Quero ter um milhão de amigos (I want to have one million friends) - a handful of games March -1/03 - We will make an experimental version of (coop)arty, with multiplayer local games -13 to 15/03 - Asai will participate in A MAze São Paulo Game Jam -Asai will finish a playable build of the unnamed space harvest moon-like game until GDC (around 17/03) April -the entire month: Jose will make video tests, dealing with the technical details and tunning the humour and what kind of analysis he will make about the games played. -end of April: We will finish the high concepts of Big (t)Rip. Hopefully we'll have something to show about Last Minutes of Battery May -Finish an alpha build of Gangs of Babetown -Finish an early build of Big (t)Rip June -Deadline to finish the "Eu Quero ter um milhão de amigos" game July -Pack of Quarters event August -Secret Event (if everything goes smoothly) October -Unconference (planned to be held while BGS happens) Without deadlines -Endless shooter with glitch art -Headblaster - Prepare to Explode More Edition About the unconference, is an event like Lost Levels, planned to be "a free and hyper-inclusive event without the social and economic barriers that prevent certain groups from having a platform" at BGS.