Can I just say how happy I am with how the first photo turned out? I'm just so happy! I think it looks sooo cool :3 

I still have to finish some minor things for the costume (rope for the skull, wraps for legs, some handsewing on the belt). And then this evening I can take some more photos :D

There is little time left to sign up for the Xayah rewards ;) Friday is the last day :) 

I will give a little reminder of how the rewards work:

The E-book with full detailed text and images about the creation of the whole costume goes to tiers $5 and up.

Tiers $15 and up also get the pattern set which included the pattern for the cape/hood, armor parts and daggers. These are also digital so you can print them to use for your own costume!

Tiers $20 and up also get a signed print of Xayah mailed to them!!