Fish 'em Up Prototype

July is over and here's this game's prototype. The game is a shmup with a fish theme where the main gimmick is combining various aspects of weapons to get unique ones.

You can download the .zip file with two builds in the post attachment.

You move around with the arrow keys, while shooting is automatic.

The builds are identical, except the "with Options" build contains three little bubble options, two of which shoot and one which boosts your speed. I didn't have the time to create an upgrade system, so I just made a separate build to showcase it.

The prototype took roughly 4-5 evenings to complete. The fact that I'm not as familiar with GameMaker probably helped make the entire process slower, but that was the general time that should have been allocated based on the Patreon.

You're invulnerable in this build, since I didn't want to focus on balancing the game, but rather just letting people mess around with the power-ups. The three types of power-ups that spawn are: projectile type, special property and pattern. When you get a new one of a certain type, it overrides your previous one. I've set power-ups to spawn at equal intervals so you can experiment.

The power-ups are as follows:

Type: default, cluster, big chunk;

Special: default, chain, damage over time;

Pattern: default, full forward, sides and forward, back and forward.

You can also have 3 options, each of which can either boost your speed or shoot default projectiles (in the "with Options" build, it's 2 shooty bits and 1 speedy bit). Ideally, in a full game, there would be options that boost health as well.

I'll create an article breaking down this entire experience further sometime next week.

As for the August Patreon, I will be doing a narrative project with either inkle or Twine. There are several reasons for this. For one, I want to create something meatier than July's game and I'm pretty confident in my writing skills and typing speed. I also have a job I start in September, which involves moving near the end of August, so I'll be more limited with my time.

The new job also means that I will be closing the Patreon after August. The idea for Patreon was to help me while I'm job searching, but I didn't expect it to happen so soon, so I guess it's only two months of Patreoning for me :)

Thank you all again for your support. I hope you find the Fish Em Up prototype interesting. It's definitely a system I'd like to explore in a full game someday.