Fishy Love FINISHED!!
Finally!! after two months of work (actually like 5 weeks, the rest was me being distracted) it's done!! it's not the whole song, only the last minute of it where undyne shows up.

 you can watch it here!

i think the audio is a bit out of sync sorry for that! i'll fix it later, now i need to get ready for an undertale themed convention this saturday. the place is gonna be super small and I doubt there's gonna be a lot of people but hey it's something. I'll show this animation there in the big screen. it would be like a premiere of a movie that I did. holly crap I'm excited!

of course i'm showing you guys first cause without your support I doubt I'd be encouraged enough to finish something like this. Thanks a lot guys!! 

I don't know when I'll post this to youtube, probably next  friday. Though I'm wondering if I should animate the whole song... it would take like two more months but it would be so worth it....????????? what do 

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