Fitness Challenge Continues!
It's day god-I've-forgotten-omg-wtf-is-is-walking of the Baku Fitness challenge! It's been some weeks since we started the search for the elusive burned calorie to better the health of my poor plushie dog.


He's been losing weight! (and so have I...) and he's almost ready for a new harness! Where our chubby little man once boasted the chest of a line backer, he now have the gentle sloped curves of a genteman and a much trimmer set of hips! I know it's hard to see form the pictures, but his harness is constantly falling off him now unless I put it on him backwards. his energy levels are up - as some of you have noticed since he doesn't want to sleep on the stream bed any more ;( - but his smile if even larger than before. it's only been a month and the little dude is on his way.

I am so proud of you guys for supporting the little guy and I know you'll enjoy seeing im trim down even more as he fluffs up.

What do you think, should we keep him shaved for the challenge or let him grow his fur out?!


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