Fitting Room Playtest 4.5 - Coming Soon
Hey everyone,

We've been making some progress to Fitting Room, alongside working on Takayama High campus environments. This won't be as large of an update as with previous builds as our focus as switched primarily back to Virtual Novel, but we've added a few new options and items.

We've overhauled the Expressions menu to allow for fine control over character expressions. It's now possible to layer mouth shapes to create new shapes out of combinations. The more expressions you layer on, the less influence any individual expression has, as they average together. The UI sliders will become redder as you stack more expressions, advising you that the expression system is distributing "weight" evenly over multiple expressions.

We've also added Ears and Teeth pointiness parameters!

Added two new hair styles, as well as an experimental hair dynamics system - which you can check out on our Twitter, along with the facial expression system described above.

Due to excessive demand, we've added an experimental socks tightness parameter, which lets players control the tightness of the characters' legwear. We have a clip of this feature on our Twitter.

Also added one new accessory - bangles, and one new iris style.

Will have news on a release date for this build shortly, along with hopefully some news on our progress with Takayama High's gymnasium environment, which we'll also be releasing as a playable build.

Thanks to everyone who's joined our Discord channel, it's been fun getting to know you guys, and we've had some great feedback and discussions! New Patrons can use the latest private link to gain access, if you'd like to chat with the developers and other people supporting the project.

Thanks everyone for your support,