Hey Patrons,

Thanks to everyone who's been taking part in our Navigation and Interaction tests! We're now moving onto an important part of the game which has received a large amount of community interest in our polls, and some of you have also asked us about recently: Virtual Novel's character creator mode - Fitting Room.

Fitting Room will allow players to design, save and share characters in Virtual Novel. Players will have access to the same level of customization as the developers, but with an intuitive system that we've designed specifically for VR motion controls - using the interaction system that you guys have helped us to refine over the last month. In Fitting Room, you'll pull items from racks and drawers to dress and modify characters, with additional menus and settings for character attributes such as height, proportions, and facial features.

A character creation system has been one our earliest planned features for Virtual Novel, and building content for Fitting Room will help bring even more diversity to the NPCs of Takayama, so players will also see the benefits in Virtual Novel's story mode (where some of the dress-up features of Fitting Room will also make an appearance).

Fitting Room will be a part of the main game as a separate mode, but Patrons will be able to access and test early builds as we add more content.

We don't have a timeframe for this just yet, but we'll keep you guys updated on our progress a couple times a week, and will announce a date for the first build release as soon as we have one.

Thanks as always for supporting Virtual Novel!