Five Minute Journal - 15 May 2017
Bienvenidos, mis Amigos Fantásticos! 

Welcome to the The Five Minute Journal  entry of the day. Here you will be able to read my responses to the questions posed in the critically-acclaimed journal developed by Intelligent Change Inc.

"The Five Minute Journal is one of the simplest ways I have found to consistently ensure improving my well-being and happiness. Both in terms of achievement and actual measureable, quantifiable results." 
-Tim Ferriss , New York Times Bestselling Author

For anyone not familiar with the The Five Minute Journal, I strongly recommend picking up a copy, which you can do by clicking here -  yes, I do receive an affiliate fee if you purchase it through that link, but there is no way I would be making this a reward by itself if it wasn't something I use religiously due to its potential to improve the quality of my life through consistent daily writing, especially when said writing is done with a genuine desire for self-awareness, self-improvement, and gratitude.

With that said, here is my The Five Minute Journal entry for 15 May 2017 (since there is a morning component and an evening component I will post the entry either the night of the entry date, or the morning following the entry date):

What am I GRATEFUL for today?
I am grateful to be waking up on this wonderful morning in the beautiful Ciudad de Guatemala.
2) I am grateful for the gratitude others have expressed for what I'm doing and sharing my experience & knowledge along the way.
3) I am grateful for the fantastic view of the city as I write this from atop the Hotel Estación Gerona.

What would make today GREAT?
Finishing my Patreon page!
2) Finishing my blog post on replacing my stolen backpack and perspective I've developed on the economy of Guatemala.
3) Mobilizing my psoas and rolling the bottoms of my feet with the lacrosse ball. I've been focusing on work too much lately and slacking on giving attention to my body.

Daily Affirmation...
I am a successful writer traveling the world, spending time with amazing friends, seeking endless adventure, and author of five New York Times best sellers.

3 AMAZING things that happened today...
I finished my Patreon page!
My good friend Alex gave me some great feedback on the final draft of my Patreon page which forced me to think harder and dig deeper in order to provide additional clarity and focus in the body of the text.
I had an awesome dinner: three delicious el pastor tacos covered in diced cilantro-onion, sauteed onions, sliced radish, salsa, and fresh avocado, with one rellenito de plátano for dessert.

How could I have made today EVEN BETTER?
I could have worked on my mobility more and done more strength work. Be more active. Remember to strive for balance in the day.

**NOTE - I am making this first entry public so anyone can see what the reward content will be like for Tier 2. After this entry, all subsequent 5MJ entries will be accessible only by Tier 2 (and higher) supporters.