Five Stupid Things About Fanboys
Tier Benefits
Bronze Level
$1 or more per month 96 patrons
  • Access to patron-only feed
  • Monthly patron-only Google+ Hangout
Silver Level
$5 or more per month 113 patrons
  • Shoutout at the end of an episode of The Facepalm Five and an episode of Trek, Actually!
  • Scripts to selected upcoming scripted videos
  • Plus all previous rewards!
Gold Level
$10 or more per month 20 patrons
  • See selected new videos before they're released!
  • Exclusive videos!
  • Plus all previous rewards!
Platinum Level
$20 or more per month 5 patrons
  • Personalized one-minute video starring the Steve and Stuffy characters of your choice. Choose any two: Steve, Stuffy, Toby Benson, Jack MacPherson, Millicent, Hans Krieger, Prospector Jones, or Willameana. (One per patron.)
  • Plus all previous rewards!
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