Five Tips For Spring Cleaning in Vancouver


Spring Cleaning

The change of seasons is an amazing phenomenon, but I bet spring is possibly the best you can expect. The blues of winter disappear and invite the glory of spring, which is why you must consider starting afresh for the year to come. Spring cleaning in Vancouver can be heavy and tiring, regarding the fact that you will have to clean up a whole year’s mess. This is why we thought it would be useful to give you some great tips on how to clean like a pro. Follow the tips to make spring cleaning effective and fun; so that you would end up looking forward to it every year!

  • Dejunk First Before Start Cleaning

Your spring cleaning can never succeed if you plan to keep anything and everything piled up. Finally, the time has come to get rid of some stuff that had been collecting dust. Start from a corner and sort out everything as usable, donatable and unusable. This way you can separate your goods as wanted and unwanted, and you can also be of some use to the community by donating what you do not need but still can be used by someone.

  • Keep Your Equipment Close

Spring cleaning is all about moving from room to room and floor to floor. What if you leave vacuum cleaner in one room, the sponges in the other, and the floor cleaner in another? It would be quite a tiring enterprise to rummage everywhere to find your cleaning tools. This is why we suggest that you keep your entire set of cleaning equipment close before you start cleaning for the spring. For instance, you can load your water buckets, mops, rugs, sponges and cleaning liquids and soaps into a big bucket, shower caddy, or a cart and take it to each room during the cleaning process. Getting your cleaning tools and machines in Vancouver in order can lead to a complete, neat and quick spring cleaning process.


  • Cover Your Cleaning Targets

It is impossible to cover every part of your spring cleaning project in one day. But you can still have a proper plan, which will definitely help you in optimizing the whole process. Set your own goals and try to achieve them. For example, you can set a goal to clean the master bedroom in half a day; the finishing upon which the kids’ bedrooms will be started. When you have a clear goal of where to clean and when, it would make it easier for you to remember where you cleaned and still have to clean. This way you will not clean the same place over and over. The best methods to clean a room are either top to bottom or in a circle. You will automatically know which methods would work best among others.

  • Be Thorough

Spring cleaning in Vancouver happens only once a year, which is exactly why you should go that extra mile and do some real cleaning. Never be lazy to reach places that usually do not get your attention. You can make the spring cleaning project an opportunity to clean neglected areas, and get rid of neglected goods. Washing machines, AC and air vents, door frames and door knobs, behind toilets, refrigerator coils, light fixtures and fan blades are places where special attention is not given. You can conduct your spring cleaning chores within a day, most probably.

  • Have Fun in Cleaning

Cleaning for spring in Vancouver can be tiring, but you can make it a lot more tolerable if you learn how to make it fun! The easiest way to make anything more fun is music. You can play your favorite music while you clean, maybe sing along to it or hit some dance moves to chase away monotony and boredom. The best way to get your spring cleaning project rocking is to let your family help you in doing it. You can get together with them to complete the cleaning chores, grab a bite and make some tea together, take breaks, and compliment each other when you finish. It will be more fun to pull off the spring cleaning project as a group.

Start your Spring with a Cheer!

You will not realize that spring has come until it comes and knocks straight on your door. So start cleaning before it is too late. You can prepare yourself for a spring cleaning project, get your cleaning tools together, get your team collected, and fix a fine day to start it. You can consider hiring a professional cleaning agency for heavier projects, but trying it on your own will make a lot of sense if you have a smaller house. Either way, you have to make sure that you make the most out of the spring cleaning project. If you want more excellent tips on how to pull of your own cleaning project, stay tuned!

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