[FIX] Destroy Object Cheat

Apparently the Destroy Object command had gone missing, meaning a lot of bugs out there were suddenly more difficult or impossible to resolve.

Since this is important for a lot of outstanding issues, and a fairly simple fix, I'm releasing it publicly immediately.

This mod re-adds the interaction when you shift-click an object with testingcheats true.

NOTE: Per the usual, you'll also need my AllCheats mod for the cheat to work properly. I've included both here for convenience. You don't need to redownload AllCheats if you already have it. You'll also need "Script Mods" enabled in Gameplay Options - Other.

EDIT: I've re-uploaded the AllCheats download. If you're having issues with pets disappearing or similar problems, please redownload.

Download the package file directly to your Mods folder.
If you need AllCheats as well, download it directly to your mods folder. Do not unzip or open.

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