Fixing up the studio
Adding some more soundproofing. It’s not gonna make the room any cooler, but if it helps with sound then oh well... :-)
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$1 or more per month 4 patrons
Sleep well knowing you're a part of the 7 Lamb community. We appreciate the donation and we love you with all of our heart!!
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Ask questions on the community board and get them answered weekly. But NO SPOILERS! Plus, get a shout out on the podcast of your choice!! 
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Want to know what 7 Lamb is releasing next? Find out when we release our Patron-exclusive 7 Lamb Podcast. It'll fill you in with all the information you need to keep up to date with our release schedule. We'll also share stories and talk about behind the scenes shenanigans!! And sometimes we may just talk about random stuff... Either way, it'll be a blast.

Plus all previous rewards.
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Some people love when podcasts release transcripts. Well, we do too! We'll post the scripts from all of our podcasts so you can see the words as they are written on the page, typos and all. PLUS, get bonus content such as bloopers and outtakes!!

Plus all previous rewards.
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Get every episode of every podcast ad free and a week early! Doesn't get much better than that.

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Receive a signed script from one of 7 Lamb's multiple fictional shows. Also, get to hear bonus episodes of all your favorites including Paralyzed, Cop Doctors, End of All Hope, etc. These are episodes that are Patron-exclusive. Only for you!!

Plus all previous rewards.
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Become the Ultimate Lamb and be able to voice and name a character in one of our fictional podcasts. There are some restrictions (we must approve the name) and you must have the necessary equipment... No recording on cell phones. We require better quality than that... Not much better, but better nonetheless!!

Plus all previous rewards.
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