Fjorgyn: Shifting Sands status update

Between yesterday and today, I've knocked out another 6k words for Fjorgyn 3. Currently resting at 32.5k words of a projected 80-100k depending on the needs of the story. 

I know you might be saying to yourself "but he still has so much left to write!" 

Don't you fret. I was in a similar situation prior to the release of Fjorgyn 2 and, thanks to the support of one very patient husband who made sure I didn't, you know, starve to death, I was able to knock out the last 40k words, do a few rounds of self-edits, and hand off to my editor in less than a week.

My hope is to have book three available for you before the start of spring, along with my promised release of "Steamtown Chronicles 1: The Dark Market." Once I hit the $25 USD per month pledge mark, of course ;-)

Stay tuned in a few days for details about Steamtown Chronicles among other entertaining releases to come :-)