Flag Project. Flag #2 progress
Usually this is our dining table. 

At the moment this photo was taken, it functioned as my studio. 

My wife would like our dining table back... and not for me to sprawl my work across our home.  I agree with her.   I don't have a studio so I create where I can. 

This is the current progress on this piece after a day.   This is a really alluring and disctracting project.  I just want to keep working on this... instead of all the other stuff I want to do.   I just had to pack this up and move it out of sight for now so I could do things like work e mails, class planning and writing....   Except, instead of doing any of those things, I'm writing this. So I guess I'm still working on this.   

Yeah, I have a serious art problem.

Thank you for enableing me.   ;P

Size: Approximitely 2' x 1.5'.   Made of black duct tape & pages of the constitution.