This is another piece of digital art that I created to accompany my Icon Alchemy website, specifically for the astrology blog post for January 31st, 2017

Getting the backlog of my art images posted online right now seems like a metaphor for the rest of my life:  On one hand, I want to be able to show what I've already created and connect with the people who appreciate it, and on the other hand somehow I have to balance all of the real world things that need to be done to keep my life afloat and my head above the water, and carve out the time to continue making new art.  "Old" art, i.e., what I've made but haven't really made visible, versus "new" art, what is not yet visible nor fully made.

A fair number of my digital creations are shaped with certain elemental themes in mind, in this case fire.  A lot of my recent blog posts include thoughts on the ongoing Venus retrograde in the fiery sign of Aries, so I suppose that it's appropriate that I'm finally getting around to posting this now.  When a planet goes retrograde, there tends to be a lot of reassessing of how we function within the realm of that planet.  With Venus retrograde, that reassessment can relate to how we connect with other people, and with that retrograde traveling through Aries a certain degree of reassessing our self-image can go along with that.  For the past few months I've been more isolated than I am used to being, and on one hand wanting to communicate more with people but on the other hand more uncertain about how I am doing that.  Hence, my sporadic postings here and awkward ramblings about whatever happens to be on my mind at the moment.  

We'll see how I manage to stagger through all this.  For now, I'm considering any thing I get posted to be a minor victory in itself.  I've long believed that our habits define us, and think perhaps all this meandering about is just that I haven't figured out how to establish the right habits here.  I'm still feeling pulled in multiple directions at once, with different responsibilities that still don't know how to play nicely together, all making demands on my time that don't fit well into a 24-hour day.  Not for lack of trying, mind you.  But matching the systems in my head to those I can actually get my physical self to muster, that's another matter.  

Good thing I'm stubborn.  ;)

Prints of this piece are now available via my page on deviantART and via RedBubble as well, where it can also be found adorning clothing and other useful objects.