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The Flash: DC Hero Profiles
With anticipation of the CW's The Flash mounting, I thought the time seemed right to add the scarlet speedster to my DC Hero Profiles series. I was first exposed to the Flash via the Super Friends, which I caught in syndication as a child. There were few episodes with the Flash, yet I still have a mental picture of him speeding through a swamp. During my first trip to an actual comic book store, I bought a DC Digest featuring the secret origins of super heroes. The issue contained the secret origin of the Elongated Man. In the story, the ever-stretching Ralph Dibney raced the the fastest man alive. I rooted for the Flash. I loved the television show starring Wesley Shipp and was sad when it was cancelled. I wasn't sad about having to track down it's ever-changing time-slot in the TV Guide, though. It wasn't until I started collecting comics seriously that I learned about Barry Allen's self-sacrifice in Crisis, and that Wally had replaced his mentor. It made me sad to lose Barry before I had gotten to know him. In the 90's I adored Mark Waid's writing and followed his work through The Flash and Impulse. He gave the hero a powerful sense of legacy that I deeply appreciated. Most recently, I've come to love the episode of Justice League Unlimited titled "Flash and Substance." It gives the viewer a wonderful glimpse into the heart of the beloved hero. The Flash is routinely placed at the center of major DC Comic events, yet he always feels unassuming about it. There's a humility about the Flash that I really like. Darwyn Cooke wrote this trait well in his amazing title, New Frontier. So that's it. The Flash is great. I have a fondness for the character that has stretched across many years! I'm glad to see him coming to prime time again! NOTE: I am aware that I am dropping two pieces of art in one month. I hope that this isn't a problem for anyone as my page is set up on a Pay-By-Piece basis. It's not my intent to take financial advantage of anyone. I am trying to take advantage of time that has suddenly opened up to me. It's been a creatively slow summer, so-far. Thanks for partnering with me!
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