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Flash Fiction Online - February 2015
This month’s stories are all about character. Our first is the winner of Flash!Friday’s 2nd Anniversary challenge. “Dreamtime” by Phyllis A. Duncan. Congratulations to Phyllis. The competition was stiff and we were honored to be involved in her success, and doubly honored to have her story on our site. Phyllis manages to dig deep into the conflicted heart and soul of culture and religion and modern society, all while taking us on a lovely ethereal journey into Dreamtime. Next up is “Duplicate” by Crystal Lynn Hilbert. Alexei Dubov can duplicate anything. Is it science? Magic? The better question is this: Just because it can be done, should it be done? But this story isn’t about Alexei. A wonderful story with a satisfying twist. Last in this month’s lineup we bring you a chilling but lovely science fiction story, “Gold Dress, No Eyes” by Alexis A. Hunter. This is a story told in the aftermath, in the flotsam and jetsam of deep space. A woman in a gold dress, an open purse, a luxury cruise ship, the Titanic of the stars. Happy reading! Suzanne Editor in Chief Flash Fiction Online