Flash Fiction #25
(Prompt from writingprompts.net) [What if the earth suddenly turned out to be flat after all?] I looked up at the thing that cast the shadow. It was a tall, spidery-limbed mindhull, similar in form to the others that inhabited the city. An old model, I thought, judging from the spindly, straight-edged beams that made up the legs. Recent fashion also preferred shorter, squatter bodies. A sensor came out of its belly and peered at me. "Yes?" it said. "Nothing, sorry," I said, suddenly shy. I'd meant to ask it directions. It retracted the sensor and strode away. It was hard to tell, but I got the impression that it resented being interrupted by an obvious foreigner - me in my short, minimalist mindhull with the brachiator arm attachments and the saucer-shaped head. The edge was to the east. I was sure of that much. I decided I'd just head down there and walk along it until I saw my hotel, or at least a useful landmark. Getting to the edge proved to be irritatingly difficult. I had to climb up and down terrain that the locals would easily step over, and unlike my home city, the local aesthetic lacked poles or branches. However, I made it eventually. The edge lay past a sort of boardwalk, studded evenly with great poles shaped like inverted Ls, the top bar jutting out into the void. Spiderlike mindhulls dangled from some of these on long threads of nano-fibers. Others hosted organic-looking pods for visitors to use, which could be lowered via attached motors. I didn't see very many pods - evidently, I was in the wrong place. Bu the hotel, I'd been told, there would be dozens of them. Nicer ones, too - the pods I could see were worn and dirty and utilitarian in design. The ones by the hotel should be warm and soft and surrounded with windows. And then I saw the hotel, just down the street. I frowned. This seemed wrong to me. Nothing like the pictures in the brochure. I'd come for an elegant guided tour of the under-realms, all surrounded by the most luxurious luxury my credits could buy. This didn't look like that to me. I went angrily to the hotel, but stopped just short of the doors. The doors were chained shut. They had a sign hung on them that said "condemned property." ---15 mins--- Flash Fiction Index: http://www.patreon.com/creation?hid=393711
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