Flash fiction Saturday - Hunter
Here's this week's flash fiction. Enjoy!


Carefully, carefully, Rylin stalked her prey. As she slid past the cargo container, her stomach growled loudly and she froze, holding her breath.

Her prey didn't seem to notice, though, and continued to wander through the hold, nose and whiskers twitching. Cheeky Bastard. It was good and plump, too, it would make a good meal. If Rylin could catch it.

She crept past the porthole, ignoring the stunning vista of stars tumbling slowly through the black on the other side. She had seen it too often to pay attention anymore, even when she wasn't involved in a desperate attempt to catch some food.

A little closer, she edged up behind the rat. The damn things were everywhere, even going into space with humans. The things were a constant source of annoyance for the quarter master. Or had been, anyhow. He was long past annoyance, now, and Rylin was glad of them, a source of food among inedible machine parts.

Slowly she moved, slowly. The rat twitched and she lunged. Silky fur slipped through her hand, but she finally closed on the rough textured, naked tail. The rat squeaked angrily and twisted to sink its teeth into the hand that held it. Rylin gasped, but still held firmly to the tail. She wasn't going hungry today. Not again. She wrapped her other hand around the rat's throat and squeezed until it let go, then with both hands, wrung its neck.

She looked at her bleeding hand in annoyance. That was going to be a bitch to clean and bandage by herself, one handed. Even worse if the rat had passed on some nasty disease through the bite, though she found herself to be surprisingly philosophical about that possibility.

At least the sickbay was reasonably well stocked, yet. That was the first stop, for her hand. Then the mess hall, to make something of her catch.

This meant survival for a little while longer, yet. Would it be enough? Rylin had stopped actively considering that question, as matters of survival occupied most of her waking hours, but it still lurked in the back of her mind.

Would it be enough? She would find out, sooner or later. She just had to wait...