Flash Friday #005 - Reboot Announcement
I'll cut to the chase. Tearha: Deck of Clover, will be rebooted in February. The short story is, almost all of the chapters for DoC up till this point would be removed. At this stage, the only chapter I think I will be keeping is the prologue. 

While the overarching plot still follows the same trajectory, you can expect some drastic changes with the story itself. In the meantime, I will do my best to crank out as many chapters of the reboot as I can for the February restart.

As for the long story, I have sadly not prepared for Deck of Clover as well as I would have liked. In the past 3 years, I have written serial stories with first drafts, meaning that I do not rewrite any of my chapters.

This comes with great planning and foresight needed before I put each chapter into words. Meaning that for every chapter I write, I plan months in advance exactly what each chapter is about. So, even though it took me less than a year to write, each story took years to create. 

But I got cocky. I thought I could do Deck of Clover in a faster manner, and during the planning phase, I took time out to write The 19th Hour, which was not scheduled at the time, which ate into planning for Deck of Clover.

Mainly, it took out the time I had set aside to test out the format of the story. This made the story a right mess, with messy pacing, and storylines going nowhere, and because of my terrible planning, the story took a terrible hit in readers, which was undeserved for both the story and the readers.

At first, I thought I could salvage it, but realized that if I even thought the story needed salvaging, the quality was then not up to par. Thus, I decided to reboot Deck of Clover entirely, as I am uncomfortable with sharing work of low quality. 

Aside from that, The two main Tearha story, Deck of Clover, and The Number 139, will both be released on Fictionpress and Wattpad in the coming months, with The Number 139 being released edited to the pre-publication final draft, so look forward to that.

For fans and Patreons alike, thank you for your continued support.

-Aden Ng

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