Flash Friday #009 - Soul Arms
This week, we reach the end of the Kayagi story arc. We see our titular hero fight monsters, prejudice and destiny in one charged chapter.

Tearha: Deck of Clover - Chapter 6

Powerful artefacts forged from the consciousness of those long dead. Soul Arms takes many forms, from weapons to trinkets, and even plasma and light sources such as electricity and fire.    
These artefacts have three distinct categories. Natural, biological, and mechanical. Each are created under drastically different conditions, though functions largely the same way.    
In similar manner that crystals contains magic circuits to store seither for future uses, Soul Arms have their own circuits, though in a much more detailed form reminiscence of their owner's when alive.    
The circuits of the Soul Arms bond with their wielders and exponentially increases their strength, making them some of the most powerful and dangerous artefacts in existence.    
It is widely agreed that Soul Arms have a semblance of a consciousness, choosing their wielders and defying kinetic energy from those deemed unworthy. It is unknown if these consciousnesses are individual states unique to the artefacts or an imprint of the those they were created from.   
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