Flash Friday #033 - The Burning South
Trini's final chapter of her character's 'Birthright Arc' is out today! 
Destined to face the light of the Twin stars for the life of the planet, the south pole of Tearha is under constant bombardment from the heat. 
In the early creation of the solar system when Tearha was still further out in the cold, the south held the earliest form of life on the planet. As such, much of the world's resources of fossil fuel, minerals, and ores, are buried deep underneath the southern lands.
It was also because of these factors that the south gained its name. With highly flammable substances awash the lands, the ground is constantly in burning, with pools of oil spewing fire and ore veins flowing molten. 
The constant burning gave rise to the Taint, a cloud of ash and rust that covers the entire southern atmosphere, spilling over into the lands of Katoki. 
Thought considered uninhabitable, the environment did not prevent Citi from mining the outskirt. The abundance of resources jettisoning the isolated country into a scientific superpower of the world.