Flash Friday #048 - The Janus
Lua Orniter will lead the final arc of Tearha: Deck of Clover! The fierce battle against The Janus begins. Who lives? Who dies? Find out in the coming weeks!
The Janus is the ruler of Wendereight. Individuals who held the title comes from a long line precognitive mages with the ability to see the strands that connects people and the future.
While speciality magic are not passable through genes, the case is unique for The Janus. Possessed by the god Moira, the power of precognition is traded through the generations through the immortal being. What the God of Fate asked for in return remains a mystery.
Aside from having overreaching power within the country's government, The Janus is known for running secret soldier programs that recruits unwanted and unmissable individuals off the streets. Of them, the most famous were the mysterious Deathless Ones. Assassins of the highest order that was said to follow only the orders of The Janus. They kill without sight, and many are trained and brainwashed to live and die for the ruler.   
It is said that many of the world's turning point was influenced by The Janus, pulling some form of strings from within the walls of their nation. It is uncertain how much of this is true, but many of the world's leader keep a close watch on The Janus. 
Recorded in history was the last Janus of the family line, Clotho Hari Janus, who was infertile. Unable to give birth, she attempted adoption, but gossip said the act was too unsuccessful, and the adopted child died before she could be revealed tot he world.