Flash Release - Call of the Void

Flash Release - Side Quest - Call of the Void!


The Void Lord Kras'zoxx has taken over the artificers' building. We need him gone... Soon...


Side Quest - Call of the Void - DOWNLOAD LINK
(Available to 5€ Arcane Enthusiast Tier Patrons or higher)


Featured Map Maker: Mik & Wewa
(Check out their Patreon page to find beautiful custom maps with lots of variants included in every release!)


Hey everyone!

I got a quick surprise release for you! Mikey and Wewa are two absolutely amazing people that have helped me get started with adventure writing back in February when I was still taking my first steps in networking with other creators in the TTRPG space. Ever since, they have helped and been there for both the good and the bad times.

They literally just made a release for a map called "Artificer Temple" (which you should definitely check out because it is pretty awesome) and I made a joke on their discord channel when I saw it, saying "oh! Void variant! That's all I need!"

The joke, became an idea and the idea a challenge. Mikey keeps teasing me about working too hard and putting out tons of content so I decided to make a side quest on the spot with the map in under an hour.

I hope you all enjoy this little boss fight that I put together and that you have fun potentially using it in your own games too!


Make sure you check the Catalog with every new release to make sure you are up to date with the released content.

Till next time!


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