FLASH SALE & STREAM! I am in a sketching mood right now since I have been working hard on really detailed illustration for a while now. So I am offering character emotion sketches (bust style)! Can be any character you like! PRICE CHOICES: 2 emotions (black and white sketched) for $4 3 emotions (black and white sketched) for $6 5 emotions (4 B&W and 1 Color sketched) for $10 So basically boils down to $2 per sketch! AND if you are one of my Patrons, you get an extra emotion sketch free with your purchase. ;) Because you guys are awesomesauce. PAYMENT: Send payment via PAYPAL to [email protected] and Message me your character choice ref(s), emotion choices, and payment confirmation number (so I know who is who). Gonna start stream in about a half hour (8:45pm Pacific time). :)